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Our mission is to safeguard your time while keeping you’re clients happy and coming back for more.

When you’ve got upwards of 20+ websites, it can really be a hassle having to login to each one in the morning to see what’s going on.

Spending 1 minute logging in and getting to the same location, times 20, per day, ends up at a whapping  a full work day every single month!

Sounds crazy, right? Let’s see the formula:

1 (minute) X 20 (websites) = 20 (minutes per day)
20 (minutes per day) X 24 (avg working days per month) = 480 (minutes per month)
480 (minutes per month) / 60 (minutes per hour) = 8 (hours per month)

Time this by the number of team members you have.

That’s why we created an auto login feature from the Dashboard! Awesome right?

Check it out.

Let’s take a look at this task. I am currently not logged in to this website.

I want to start working on it right away, so let’s click the Open Tasks Page button…

Booooom, I’m logged in and ready to work.

it took just a couple of seconds. Look, we already saved you at least 16 hours this month!

You can also auto login to the website by clicking this icon here, which will take you to the homepage.

This just saves so much time as you scale your business and get more and more websites to manage.

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