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Auto reports are an awesome way to get a snap shot of everything that’s been happening on websites with Atarim installed.

Let’s dive in to see how to set them up and what they look like.

To have the option to enable them, we first need to make sure that we tick them on in the settings.

Let’s go to the settings in the WordPress Admin.

We can see here the settings for email notifications.

These settings do no enable the notifications themselves, this is to enable them as an option for users to choose from.

We are first introduced to this in the Wizard for webmasters.

Let’s tick them on on auto reports and send email notifications for both reports..

Now, these will be an option for users to choose when they go through the new user wizard.

They can also be chosen at the bottom of user profiles in the WordPress admin here. Let’s enable all 4.

Now that we have them enabled on this user, let’s dive into the reports themselves.

Here, we are looking at a daily report.

At the top section, we can see the task summary for the day.

This shows all NEW tasks that were created in the past 24 hours. We can see which page it was posted on, the priority and the status of the task. We can also go straight to a task by clicking this link here.

In the second section, we are shown all completed tasks for the day.

Quick note: The logo and color of this email, will change depending on your white label settings, pretty awesome right?

Here we see a weekly report, the same sections are here, the difference being that this will show a summary of all new tasks created and completed within the last week!

Remember when we enabled “Send email notifications” for reports and “Auto reports”, these are the two ways in which you can receive this notifications.

The send email notification setting for reports is related to these two buttons here in the task center. These buttons can also be found on the front-end sidebar too.

If we click these, it will send the report to every user that has the send email notifications settings ticked on in their user profile.

While these are manually fired, auto reports are just that…automatic.

Daily reports are sent at 8am in the morning, this depends on the timezone that is selected here in the WordPress settings. This is to give you a snapshot of what happened the day before so you can start your morning perfectly!

Weekly reports are sent at 2:00pm on Fridays (this also depends on the timezone setting). This is to give you a summary of the week. We thought 2pm was a good time as it let’s you know if anything is still pending before your weekend starts.

These reports are intended to give you another way to fit Atarim into your workflow. For us, personally we like to check our auto morning report before we start the day to see if we’ve got any urgent tasks that need taking care of straight away.

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