Bulk Updates

Bulk actions make it super easy to change the urgency and status of tasks.

Let’s take a look at how it works!

The bulk actions function is accessed through the Task Center in WordPress Admin here.

Once we click, every task that is currently on this website is pulled into the second column here.

We have a few options:

  • We can quickly get a snapshot of the status and urgency that each task has at the moment by clicking on show details here.
  • We can also see the custom tags that have been added to each task here.
  • Let’s change these top 3 tasks here as I know they’ve been completed already.
  • We simply select each one by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Select the task status drop down here, set it to complete and hit save changes.
  • As we can see here, the details of these tasks have now changed to green.

We can click “edit all” to select every task on the website.

We can also delete tasks that have been selected here.

Let’s delete these 2 as I made these when testing.

When using bulk actions to delete tasks, there is no need to save the changes here.

We just click on delete, and then confirm by clicking yes here.

And that’s it, another feature to save you time!

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