Getting Started

Everything you need to know when getting started with Atarim!

Task notifications

Notification Settings 1. These are the global notification settings for all users. However, each user can choose which notifications they receive from the ones that are chosen here. 2. This option is first introduced in the second step of the wizard. 3. However, you can also change these settings in user profiles in the WordPress …

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After you’ve purchased WP Feedback, it’s super simple to verify your purchase! In this article we are going to take you through the steps to get it done. Validating your license Go your account page here. You’ll see all of the license keys that are linked to your account depending on the plan you are …

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WP Feedback is updated the standard way most WordPress Plugins are. We suggest joining our Facebook Closed Group here: This is where we announce a new update has been pushed out, you can also see a change log of what is in each update (and bug fixes) here: 1. If you see an …

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– General Settings ● Enable WP Feedback – Permissions ● Validate Install ● User Permissions – User Roles ● User Roles ● Guest Allowance ● Stickers By Default ● Remove Font-Awesome Script – White Label ● White Label Settings ● Remove Powered By ● Reset Settings – Customizations – Notification Settings – Default Users – …

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How To Install Atarim

– Using the WordPress dashboard – Using FTP   Installing WP Feedback is quite simple and is the same process as installing many other plugins. In this article, we will show you how to quickly install WP Feedback using the plugin uploader inside your WordPress admin dashboard. Please note: The plugin works only on self-hosted …

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