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Check out the changelogs for both the Agency Dashboard & Client Interface Plugin

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Known Issues

Here is the list of our known issues at the moment. We are working hard to fix them as soon as possible, if you are experiencing any of these issues you do not need to contact support (if you are having a specific problem though, please let us know and we’ll take a look). The …

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Version 2.1.0 –  17th June 2021 Agency Dashboard Compact Mode option added to the Global Settings. Bug Fixes: Open Task’s Page button compatibility conflicts fixed Email notifications Open Task’s Page compatibility conflicts fixed Sync process compatibility conflicts fixed General Task creation conflicts with some sites fixed Global Settings white label conflicts fixed Client Interface Plugin …

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How do domains work with multi-site?

It identifies all types of setup under the multisite as single domain. So “”, “”, “”, “” and “” will be considered as the same domain and will be running on single license. Please note that License still needs to be verified on all the subsites of the multi-site setup.

What to do about syncing tasks when a website is pushed from staging to live

Developing and designing a website on a staging website, then pushing to a live site is the usual way of doing things when it comes to a web project! So what do you do with Atarim when you push a staging to live? First of all, you’ve installed and validated Atarim on the staging website, …

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