Your Daily Routine

What it’s like for a freelancer There are massive fragmentation’s in communication workflows across the board in web design and development, I’m sure you’ve experienced it…I definitely have when I had my agency. I’m going to show you how your PRO dashboard, completely eliminates this and increases your efficiency. I want to preface this by …

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Tasks Boards

Let’s checkout the task boards now, a great feature of the PRO Dashboard. Here we can see all of the websites part of your dashboard. If we click on one, we’ll see all tasks and by default, which current status they are set to. This is awesome to see an overview of open tasks on …

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Auto Login

Our mission is to safeguard your time while keeping you’re clients happy and coming back for more. When you’ve got upwards of 20+ websites, it can really be a hassle having to login to each one in the morning to see what’s going on. Spending 1 minute logging in and getting to the same location, …

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