Central Dashboard

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The central dashboard is the first screen you land on when logging into your dashboard.

Here you get an awesome overview of all the websites where you have validated your license. By looking here every day, you will be getting a snapshot of what’s happening in your business.

PRO Dashboard

Oh this website has 50 tasks, what’s going on there? This one had 30 tasks yesterday but is now green, awesome!

A screenshot of the homepage is generated for the thumbnail (if for some reason one cannot be generated, we have a default placeholder here).

Default placeholder

We can see user profile pictures here giving us a snapshot of who and how many users are assigned to the website. We can add and remove users quickly by clicking here.

Add and remove

We can also add specific users to all websites as more are added to the dashboard, we’ll see that on the user screen, as well as adding users by default to new websites that are added.

Add more users

If all tasks have been completed or there are none yet, you’ll see a green tick here…ahhhh feels good doesn’t it?

Green tick

In case you want to pull a fresh screenshot or the website failed to sync with the dashboard, we can resync the data by clicking this icon here:

Click this icon

And remove the website from the dashboard by clicking this X. I’m going to remove this one, as it’s not live anymore.

Resync the data

Boom, gone!

Boom Gone

The central dashboard is the place to go at the beginning of every day, let’s click on this site here and took a deeper look inside.

Deeper look into the dashboard


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