Dashboard Changelog

Version 1.9 – December 21st 2020

New Features

  • Excel/CSV export of tasks
    • You can now export tasks and filter based on status and/or urgency.
    • This gives you a list of all information about the tasks from all websites on your dashboard.
  • Status notifications on tasks
    • Now, when a change is made to the status/priority of a task, inside the chat will be a notification letting you know who made that change, and the date.
  • S3 Image save
    • From now on, all the images added to the PRO Dashboard will be stored in AWS S3 bucket.

Bug Fixes

  • Drag and drop issues on boards
    • Now you can change the ordering of the tasks in Board screen with ease.
    • Now the tasks will remain there where the user will drop them.
    • Also added some CSS effects for showing the area where the tasks will be dropped.
  • Urgency issue
    • There was a bug while getting tasks which has no urgency added.
    • Resolved that issue with adding a proper condition in code when empty urgency data for any of the task.


  • Board is paginated
    • The Kanban view is now set up with auto-scroll, loading a limited number of tasks at a time to boost the speed and usability.
  • Performance Improvement
    • Significant backend changes were done to improvise performance of the application which loads views faster than before.


Version 1.8 – November 4th 2020

New Features

  • Search bar changes
    • When searching, parameters have been added based on what you type, including: Task Title, Task Page Title, Task Number, Website and Username
    • As soon as you type, these parameters will show in a dropdown box
    • If the whole string of what is typed matches perfectly with any website, that website will be chosen after selecting it
  • Changing your account password
    • You can now change your own password from the users activity screen
    • Admins cannot change the passwords of other users
  • Design updated for removing and resyncing websites on Dashboard
    • We’ve added an overlay to the buttons for better visibility

Bug Fixes

  • There was an error with the password reset email
    • This is now fixed and users will now receive the email to reset their passwords from the login screen
  • Task count was not being shown when urgency was switched on in boards
    • This is now fixed
  • When dragging and dropping tasks, the styling was off on the box in boards
    • This now looks correct, with the card width being the same width when attached to mouse cursor as the boards themselves.


Version 1.7 – September 30th 2020

New Features

  • Add a “complete task” checkbox when adding a comment from “Center” and “Boards”
    • If you have finished a task and want to send a message, you can now complete the task when sending the comment by checking the “complete task” checkbox
  • Realtime Task Summary Count
    • On the boards section, we’ve added a count of how many tasks are in each of the different columns. This is a small additions but it gives you a clear view of how much work needs doing and what’s been done.
    • As you drag and drop tasks, the numbers will change accordingly of course. We hope this makes things even clearer when using the Task Boards!
  • Sharing Dashboard Tasks
    • We’ve added a query string to the URLs of the tasks, this way you can share the URL to land on the exact website and task (rather than look for it after every page load).
    • We also took the opportunity to improve the internal flow within the dashboard. From now on, if you have a task open on either the Boards or the Task Center, any click between the 3 will search and open the relevant task you had on the other screen. Allowing you to navigate between the 2 screens seamlessly.
  • Add maintenance mode while site upgrade
    • While we are upgrading the site, we have put a page which notifies users that it’s happening

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the redirection on the Dashboard button “Open Task’s Page” was not working correctly
    • Clicking the ‘Open Task Page’ button on the application dashboard was redirecting to ‘Page Not Found’ instead of the appropriate task’s page. Now the bug has been fixed and is working properly.
  • Admin tasks labeling fix
    • There was bug where no label for the Admin Tasks on the Dashboard was showing, now it’s working & showing the correct label.
  • Fixed the use of the ENTER key to add tags to a task on tasks center
    • Previously we were not able to add a tag to a task by pressing enter which is now resolved.
  • An error on Google Console
    • When clicking all sites, and then using the filter to find tasks via status was bringing up a google console error. This has been fixed.
  • The Search bar was not working for the All Sites option
    • When user clicks on All Sites and then search for the tasks from search bar on top, the result was not proper. This has now been resolved.


Version 1.1 – June 23rd 2020 – Dashboard Overhaul

New Features

Main update points

  • Implementing search feature.
  • Only take thumbnail screenshots of websites to optimise the speed.
  • Infinite scroll to load the websites on the dashboard, centre, boards and users to optimise the speed.
  • Create new general task from the boards itself.
  • Manage the “Change the logo link” from dashboard settings itself.
  • Re-invite the user from users page.
  • New layout to display the activity in more intuitive way.
  • Making last name not mandatory to invite a new user.
Points on per page basis


  • Add search feature.


  • Infinite scroll of loading the websites to optimise the speed.
  • Only take thumbnail screenshots of websites to optimise the speed.
  • Design updates on popups.
  • Design on website box.
  • Design updates on theme color and fonts.


  • Infinite scroll of loading the websites to optimise the speed.
  • Design updates on popups.
  • Design on website box.
  • Design updates on input box.
  • Design updates on theme color and fonts.


  • Infinite scroll of loading the websites to optimise the speed.
  • Create new general task form the page.
  • Design updates on popups.
  • Design on website box.
  • Design updates on theme color and fonts.


  • Manage the “Change the logo link” from dashboard settings itself.
  • Removed “Remove Font-Awesome Script” from the page.


  • Re-invite the user from users page.
  • New layout to display the activity in more intuitive way.
  • Infinite scroll of loading the websites to optimise the speed.
  • Design updates on the user invite page.


Version 1.0.3 – October 31st 2019 – Global Settings

New Features

  • Global Settings
    • From the dashboard you can now setup global settings.
    • The settings screen is now accessible in the dashboard (the cog in the top right).
      It has all of the same settings as the plugin settings.
    • Once you’ve set them, any website added to your dashboard can now use these settings.
      In the plugin settings on each website, there is a toggle to use the global settings or the present plugin settings.
    • If you choose to use global settings, then disable them, you will be left with the current setup, you can then change if you’d like.
  • Dashboard design update
    • We’ve changed the design of the dashboard massively.
    • The top bar now has our gradient design making it feel less flat.
    • We reduced the size of the task pins inside the task dashboard as this number is not particularly useful.
    • Added icons and tags that let you know the status and urgency of a task from a first glance.
    • Removed the previous icons if there were no tasks found and replaced with much nicer place holders.
    • You can now re-sync websites on the dashboard by hovering over the thumbnail on the task center.
    • A zero 0 is no longer shown in the case where no tasks exist, if you have no tasks it will have a tick instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Comments not showing on some sites – This was because for some sites the status of comments was set to NULL by default which made them not appear on the tasks. We fixed it by setting all the Atarim comments to “Publish” by default.
  • French Translation – There was an error in the French translation to do with the time of when a comment had been posted, this has been corrected.
  • Profile Edit –This was because of in our security check we were filtering and only allowing the Atarim settings to update if proper values were posted.
  • WP Feedback Support email – Due to some error the email notifications were not working when new reply / comment were being added from the Task Center in the backend. This is now fixed.
  • Minor incompatibility – There was an incompatibility issue with Unlimited Elements for Elementor, this has been fixed.
  • Woocommerce conflict – Products were unable to be quick edited when Atarim was active, this has been fixed.

Version 1.0.1 – October 17th 2019 – 1 click login and dashboard re-sync

New Features

  • Auto Login Feature for Dashboard
    We have implemented 2 way handshaked token based authentication.
    Dashboard will generate the token for website and reach the website through URL.
    On website, the Token will sent back to Dashboard again with our Enryption and Hash Authntication (for source verification).
    Dashboard will verify the Token against the website and authenticate if login permission should be grated to the request or not.
    Thus making the login feature secure and hack proof.
  • Resync dashboard feature in plugin setting tab – We have added the button “Resync Dashboard” on the Settings tab. It is used to resync OR connect the website with the dashboard.
    Currently it will be only displayed on the plugins with wpfeedback’s license.

Bug Fixes

  • The real time status, as well as priority/urgency update, does not seem to be working on the sidebar – The status as well as prioirty changes in tasks were not been communicated to the websites from dashboard. This has now been fixed.
  • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mw_enqueue_color_picker() – Was conflicting with the the other general functions on theme.
    Now changed the fuction name to unique wpf_enqueue_color_picker() to resolve the conflict.
  • Dashboard screenshot issue – Earlier we were storing the first website screenshot on the website itself while syncing with dashboard. It created issues with few websites with permission issues and halted the dashboard sync process.
    We have now shifted the screenshot feature to the dashboard itself. Now the screeenshots of websites will be stored on dashboard itself.
  • Sites not connecting to the dashboard when site name empty – The dashboard sync process was not working properly if sitename was not defined.
    We have now fixed so even an empty sitename website will be synced with dashboard.

Version 1.0 – September 31st 2019

Our Centralized Dashboard entered into beta. We invited around 30-40 users


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