First Visit By A New User

As mentioned in the wizard tutorial, when a new user visits the website, which for this tutorial we are going to assume is your client, they are taken through a slightly different wizard than you.

It’s super quick and easy, to get your client commenting as soon as possible!

To ensure your client gets an awesome first impression of using Atarim, let’s go to the page we want them to start leaving us feedback on. We can grab the share link from the sidebar here.

An even nicer way of doing it, is creating a task on the top part of this page with a nice welcome message and sharing the direct link from there, which will give them a login pop-up when they land on it, like this.

This means that right after the wizard this task will start open on the page.

Making it super inviting to get started with leaving feedback and engaging with the tool.

Ging back to the loign popup from the client’s point of view, We can even change this logo in the white label settings (more detail on this later), them seeing their logo here will give them their first wow moment!

Once logged in, the wizard will start and it will ask them to choose their role from the 3 options: Webmaster, client or others.

They need to choose client, this will ensure they have the correct permissions with using Atarim. We even give you the option to change the name of these roles in the Permissions screen.

The next step is them choosing which notifications they will receive. The options here are determined by what you chose when you went through the wizard. This can be changed in the settings screen if you want to fiddle with them after you’ve gone through your wizard, and you can change notifications per user at the bottom of the user profile inside the WordPress Admin.

And finally they are shown a quick tutorial video made by us, which shows them how to leave their first task. You can even change this video in the settings if you want your client’s to see a more personalized video.

We advise to make it as quick and to the point as possible, try not to overwhelm your client when introducing them to a new tool while ensuring they can see the benefit of using it. As soon as they give it a try by clicking the plus icon and leaving their first task, they will see the power of the tool!

Some clients will push back, mostly without even trying, new tools can be scary. You need to restate the benefit to them and get them to see how it’s mutually beneficial to use Atarim.

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