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The Graphic Feedback Tool is the perfect way to collaborate on a new logo you created, a mock-up of an upcoming page design, a new featured image and even flyers and brochures that you may create as part of being the “Go-to” guy (or girl) when it comes to designs for your clients.

We’re also tracking the versions of the design so that both you and your client can see the progress and so that you can tell the client off if you reached the 4th or 10th revision.

Another cool feature is the ability to set the background color – Every design needs the right set up to elevate it. This will allow you to set any background color to allow the design to pop!

As with other use cases of our tool, simply click the Plus icon and leave a comment. On this tool, you can also drag the stickers around to re-position them as needed.

Once the design is ready, ask the client to click the big button to approve the design. Having them clicking it will give them a shot of dopamine and create a sense of accomplishment. Which means they’ll come back for more sooner than you think.

And you’re done!

Additional Coolness

The client doesn’t need to log in to the site to collaborate, simply share the direct link with them and they can get down to business. To identify and allow them to receive notifications, make sure you do create a user for the client and set them up as the “Default User” – “The Client” within the settings screen.

Make sure you set your (or your client’s) brand color and logo within the White Label section in the Settings screen, this will rebrand the tool to make you look even more like the pro that you are.

Like with anything we’re doing – Over time this tool will evolve even further, so feel free to reach out with your suggestions and ideas on our Roadmap or within the Facebook Group.


1. Start by creating a new graphic.

screenshot 2019.10.03 14 51 06

2. You will then be prompted to give it a name and description, and to upload the file.

screenshot 2019.10.03 14 52 37

3. Give it a name, description, upload the image and click the button to get started!

4. This will open your chosen image in our graphics feedback tool.

screenshot 2019.10.03 14 53 58

5. You can then use Atarim exactly the same way as you would use it on your client’s website. Instead of tasks being pinned to a div on a page, it is pinned to the pixel that you choose.

6. There are a few other features available here also.

screenshot 2019.10.03 14 56 29

7. Once both you and your client are happy, click “mark as complete” in the top right. 8. This will then mark it as complete in the dashboard.

screenshot 2019.10.03 14 58 51


As always if you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Alternatively you can join our Facebook group to speak with us directly, hope to see you there >>

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