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To ensure you are ready to go as quickly as possible after installation, we take you through a wizard that will walk you through the setup process.

First, you need to insert your license key and click validate domain. This will connect your installation to your PRO dashboard.

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Next up, we will choose who should comment. We can choose from the different user roles that are set up on your WordPress installation.  For demo purposes, I’ll leave just the admin here.

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Also, we can allow guests to create tickets without the need to log in to the website.

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This is awesome for staging websites or while you are in development of a live website.

We advise not to leave this on after launching as it will allow anyone to comment (very handy if you don’t want your client poking around the back-end while you work).

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We have another great feature where you can send a link to your clients for them to login, but more on that later.

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Next you are given the option to apply global settings from your PRO dashboard. In this demo I’m going to keep the settings local so I can show you around in this WP installation.

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Now we need to setup the email notifications that you and other users will be receiving.

We have two levels to this: here are the global notification settings, by checking these on you are giving other users the option to choose them. If they are not ticked, the option will not be available to anyone. For this demo, I’m going to keep them all on.

Choose notif

Just before we wrap up this initial installation wizard there’s a video that walks you through the different features of Atarim Pro to make sure that you get the most out of it.

Get the most out of it

Now let’s rock!

So now we’re on the front-end of the website. You can see the homepage behind this overlay. And I’ve been asked to choose the notifications that will be relevant to my specific user. I will just keep them all on.

Relevant to specific user

Now we’re on the front-end of this website, before we get going, we are asked which notifications the specific user we are logged into will receive. I’m going to keep them all on because I like to be kept in the loop.

Kept in the loop

And the final step, we’ve created a handy video to show you how to test Atarim before you start getting your clients to use it.

Handy video

This is only shown to the webmaster that installed the plugin, while your clients get a different video that takes them through a much simpler walkthrough.

Simpler walkthrough

You also have the option to replace this video with one of your choice.

Replace this video 1 Replace this video 2 Replace this video 3

This is perfect for you to personally introduce your client’s to the new tool they will be using to communicate with you!

Communicate with you

Now let’s take a look at the website we just added on the PRO Dashboard.

PRO Dashboard




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