Integrate via Zapier

Integrating with Zapier allows for some awesome possibilities with WP Feedback PRO!

I’m going to show you how you need to setup each new Zap with the plugin and then a use case.

First though, what is Zapier:

It’s an awesome website where you can build automation’s, for example:

A task is created with Atarim on your website > create a card on a Trello board.

You can also see here that we have a bunch of automation’s setup which help us save a lot of time.

Now let’s login to our Zapier account and get going.

First we are going to click Make a Zap, in this example I want to create a new card on my client’s Trello board every time a new task is created using Atarim.

Let’s click make a zap and name this “WPF PRO New Task > Trello Card”

Next we “Choose a trigger app”, we need to choose WordPress for the first part of the Zap, start typing WordPress and you can choose it.

Select the WordPress trigger for creating a zap. We need to choose the trigger, New Post.

Next, We need to connect a WordPress account.

Clicking the Connect an Account button will pop open a sub window where we need to place the URL,  as well as the credentials to the site where WP Feedback is installed.

I’ll be using our demo site for this demo.

After successfully submitting the URL as well as the credentials, we need to verify if the connection is working. We can do this easily by pressing the Test button next to the new connection and then click Save + Continue for next step.

If you’re getting an error here, I’ll cover what to do about that at the end of this tutorial.

Once verification of WordPress is done, it is time to select the type of post whose information you are going to use moving forward with the zap. Use the following values for the fields on this page

  1. Post Status: Published
  2. Post Type: Use a Custom Value (advanced)
  3. Custom Value for Post Type Name: wpfeedback

The first stage of creating a zap which is Creating a Trigger is now done! The next step is to create an Action. Here you can connect to more than 1500 apps by creating an action for them. We will use the Trello as an example.

Select Trello in Choose an Action App

Next, we will select an action from Trello for our zap. We will select Create card for this Zap.

Now we need to connect our Trello account, let’s click continue here. If we click on this drop down, we will see the option Add a new account.

Let’s login to Trello, scroll down and hit Allow, boom we are connected.

Now comes the juicy part.

First, let’s choose the board where we want this card to be created.

We can then choose the list inside that board where we want the task to set. Let’s setup a new one for “New Requests”.

For the name, we are going to choose the title of the post, this will be what has been entered as the first comment of the task that is created with Atarim.

Now let’s do the description.

Lets grab the task and urgency by picking terms name,the date the task was created and the username of who created this task.

Now the final thing we want to add is the direct link to this new task.

This requires some editing.

Let’s add the task link first, however this will not go straight to the task yet…

We need to add on the end here, “?wpf_taskid=”

And lastly, we need to add the ID number of this task, this is called the “Field Task Comment”…done.

We can also add labels, the position of the card, which user should be assigned to it, and all of the other options that Trello has. I’m happy with this one for now though, so let’s test it.

Let’s click test…okay, all seems to be working. Let’s check our Trello board.

As we can see here, we’ve got a new card. If we click inside, here is the urgency and status, the user, the date and time AND the link.

And when we click the link, we are taken directly to the task, beautiful isn’t it? Oh wait, that didn’t work, I wonder why, let’s take a closer look.

I can see here that I put a dash instead of an underscore in the query string here, let’s go and fix that quickly and test again.

Here we can the card that was created before with the mistake, let’s check the link in the new one.

Phew, all is working correctly now!

If something isn’t working but Zapier is not throwing up any errors, there is probably a mistake like this in your Zap somewhere, ensure that all the information and data is setup correctly!

Integrating your current tools with Atarim gives you awesome possibilities!

Video for above steps:

Now, let’s take a quick look at a common error that can occur with linking your WordPress account with Zapier and how to get it fixed.

When connecting your WordPress account, you may run into this error:

The problem here is that your hosting company has a server firewall that is blocking the request from your website.

To get this fixed, you have to get into contact with your hosting company and ask them whitelist the IP address releated to Zapier. Some swipe copy is in the description for you to easily copy and paste this to your hosting provider.

“The sever firewall is blocking the request to our website [DOMAIN] from  apier ( ). So we would like to request the server team to whitelist the IP address related to the Zapier ( ) so that we can move ahead and link our WordPress website with the Zapier.”

They should be able to take care of this no problem!

If you are having any troubles getting your zap set up, simply reach out to us and we’ll help in every way we can.

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