Integrate WP Feedback to 1500+ apps via Zapier

Integrating with Zapier allows for some awesome possibilities with WP Feedback! In this article, we will explain how you need to setup each new Zap with the plugin and then a few use cases to get you started.

  1. Log in to your Zapier account from here and click on Make a zap button on the top right corner of your screen.Step 1 Make a zap
  2. Next you need to “Choose a trigger app”, we need to choose WordPress for the first part of the Zap, start typing WordPress and you can choose it.Step 2 Choose a trigger app
  3.  Select the WordPress trigger for creating a zap. You need to choose the trigger, New Post.Step 3 Select wordpress trigger
  4. Next, you need to connect a WordPress account. So click Connect an Account button on the bottom left.Step 4 Connect an account
  5. Clicking the Connect an Account button will pop open a sub window where you need to place the URL,  as well as the credentials to the site where WP Feedback is installed. Please NOTE to follow instructions provided by Zapier on inputting the link and credentials.Step 5 Add wordpress link and credentials
  6. After successfully submitting the URL as well as credentials and pressing Yes, Continue button, you need to verify if the connection is working. You can do this easily by pressing the Test button next to the new connection and then click Save + Continue for next step.Step 7 Test the connection
  7. Once verification of WordPress is done, it is time to select the type of post whose information you are going to use moving forward with the zap. Use the following values for the fields on this page
    1. Post Status: Published
    2. Post Type: Use a Custom Value (advanced)
    3. Custom Value for Post Type Name: wpfeedbackStep 8 Set up WordPress New Post
  8. The first stage of creating a zap which is Creating a Trigger is now done! The next step is to create an Action. Here you can connect to more than 1500 apps by creating an action for them. We will use the Gmail App as an example.
  9. Select Gmail App in Choose an Action AppStep 9 Select Gmail
  10. Next, we will select an action from Gmail for our zap. We will select Send Email for our example.Step 10 Select Gmail action
  11. Next is to select a Gmail account (if already added) OR Connect an Account (Similar to connecting Gmail with other apps). We will select an account and press the Test button to test the connection. Will end the step by pressing Save + Continue.Step 11 Select Gmail Account
  12. Next, you will be taken to a page where you can select the details you want to set related to email. More important is that it will also allow you to create dynamic email body of the email which will be based on the values you get from a WordPress WP Feedback Post. We will use the Post Title and Post URL for our body.Step 12 Enter details in body and select all custom fields related to post you want to include
  13. The last step of creating a zap is to review your final action (Email preview in our case). And click Finish to create a zap. Step 13 Review email

Above mentioned steps can be used generically for different types of apps and platforms. Also, you will be able to find all types of information that a WP Feedback task stores and so you can use them as well while defining the body of the Action of your zap.


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