Managing Your Team

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We’ve made it a breeze to manage your team using the PRO Dashboard.

Check it out.

If we click our profile picture here (which is taken from gravatar by the way, we can change this as we’ll see in a second), we will see our activity feed.

On the left here we can add users to the Dashboard, this will send them an invite to their email address. If they haven’t accepted the invite, it will say Pending here, and we have the option to resend the invite if we wish.

Then, we have our user profile.
We have a few options here.

We can change the name, upload an image and change their email address. Their role can also be changed; contributors can not see settings and any other activity feeds.

You can add this user by default to all website’s that are added to the dashboard, great for project managers.

Which notifications they receive are set here too.

And finally we can delete a user here.

Next up is the activity feed: you can see everything you’ve done and when you did it, as well as other users if you’re an admin.

Let’s check out this user and see what they’ve been up to.

On the right here we can change which websites a user is assigned to by simply switching them on and off, and underneath we can see all websites assigned to this user.

Super easy and efficient management for your team. Making it awesome to assign websites to your team and get them all working in tandem.

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