Navigating between tasks

Atarim gives you four awesome ways to manage and navigate between the different tasks that you’ve created.

Simply scroll through the page and click on a task sticker to open it up.

Click on the sidebar to get more of an overview on all tasks that are on this page.

If you want to see more info, click on one task and it will take you to it! This also includes additional pages, like this.

If you want an even deeper view of the website, let’s check out the task center.

Here you can see all tasks across the website, making it easy for you to go through and reply to them all from one place. If I want to see where this task was created, click this button and boom, I’ll be taken there.

Everything was developed with efficiency in mind.

The PRO dashboard has two additional ways of navigating between tasks.

You can view the dashboard version of the tasks center here, where you will find all of your websites. This allows you to easily navigate between them and see all tasks for each website. It’s as easy as that!

If you want to go to the website and see the task, clicking on this button will not only take you to the page and open the task, it will also log you into the WordPress website automatically; ultimate efficiency!

And finally, you can navigate between different tasks through our board section.

You can simply drag and drop different tasks from here, click on them to see the messages inside, as well as view the task on the website by clicking this button (this also logs you in automatically).

You can also grab any task and drag it around to different parts of the page, after you refresh it will bind itself back to the original location. This is to give you the option to see what’s behind it should it be covering any design element.

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