Remapping Tasks

We finally introduced remapping tasks with our 1.1.6 update! 😎👍

YouTube video

Here is a short video demo for our remapping feature.

1. On the front-end, open the sidebar on the page you would like to remap the task on.

2. Find the task you would like to remap and click on the blue circle with the ID number inside.

screenshot 2019.10.03 14 34 56

3. In this example we are pointing out the 271 task.

4. This will enter you into comment mode, as you hover over divs of the page they will be highlighted.

5. Click on the div you would like to put to remap the task to.

6. This will remap that task to the selected div.

7. This is great if a task has become a general task from a section being moved or deleted. It’s also great if for some reason your client has misplaced the pin when compared to the contents of what their comment says.

8. This can also be done with created general tasks.


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