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If you’re watching this video, you’ve made an awesome decision working with the website professional who sent you here.

They clearly care about your communications and want to make the process of completing your project as smooth as possible for both you and them.

We know that learning a new tool is usually bothersome, but Atarim is all about simplicity and making sure things get done fast and efficiently.

Let’s dive in…

Here, I am looking at a website that I’ve created for this video.

Let’s say the designer I’m working with has told me that the design is done…Hmm I don’t really like this colour here, so I’m going to ask them to change it.

To start, you’ll notice there’s a little widget on your website here, let’s click the plus icon to get started.

Next, we can choose the area where I want to tell the designer about the colour change, which is here.

If I click, this box pop-ups and we can leave a comment.

“Please change this colour to a darker purple”.

Click add comment…and you’re done. Your designer has received your request and some other information that will help them complete your request even faster.

You didn’t need to take a screenshot, open your email, add the link to the page and describe what you wanted them to change…Atarim did all of that for you and them.

Let’s take a look at how we could request an image change.

I want this image to be different and I’ve already got a new one that I’d like.

I need this changed immediately as my website is live already, so let’s make sure our designer knows that it’s urgent.

Let’s click the plus icon, click the image and leave a comment.

“Please change this image”

Now, let’s attach an image to this request by clicking here and selecting the image we want from our computer.

And finally, by clicking here we can choose the urgency of the task, let’s set this one to critical.

And boom, all done…see how quick that was?

Not only has the designer been notified of our request, they have the image we want them to use AND they know that this is urgent with the click of a couple buttons.

Atarim will make sure that you and your WordPress professional are always on the same page, helping you get your website up and running in no time!

Now it’s your turn, go to your new website and start leaving your WordPress PRO some feedback!

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