Take Over Host

We are so pumped to have you as a host during one of our networking hours while the Atarim Summit is underway and want to thank you again for getting involved! 👍

We want this to be as close to an actual Summit as possible and not just for the attendees, for you also. We chose you because we know you will take full advantage of the hour that you have, allowing you to network with others, give some value to others in the lounge and promote your expertise!

This post is going to go through how you should view your slot, what actions you need to take and some general advice on how you should go about it.

Your Role

  1. You should view the networking hour like you’re on a radio show. This is prime time for you to get exposure, promote yourself, the services you offer and network with the attendees.
  2. We chose you because you have certain expertise and can bring value to the attendees who join the networking lounge during your hour.
  3. Much like radio shows, the conversation needs a leader during the hour, ensuring that conversation is flowing and to the point.
  4. For example, let’s say we were the host of a networking hour for Atarim
  5. We would have an idea of which topic we want to focus on for the hour, in our case it would be client communications.
  6. Break that point down into 4-5 questions or discussion points we could talk about with the attendees to get them involved.
  7. Which kind of tools do you currently use to communicate with clients?
  8. How do you think you could improve your communications with your clients and what affect do you think this would have on your business?
  9. Come prepared with this layout to get the most out of your networking hour!
  10. Make sure your networks and friends know that you are doing your networking hour!
  11. Social posts and/or emails the day before
  12. Then on the morning of your networking hour making sure everyone knows to sign-up and where to go
  13. Announce an hour before you’re going live
  14. Then as you are about to go live, do a final post 😊


Promoting Your Network Hour

The links you will need:

For sign ups: https://wpfeedback.co/summit 

The networking lounge where you will be hosting: https://my.wpfeedback.co/summit/networking-lounge/

We’ve prepared some copy that you can use to start promoting your networking hour!

Also here is an image template you can use for these posts: Feature Image Template


(1) I will be going live tomorrow at the Atarim Virtual Summit, where I am will be talking about {YOUR SUBJECT}. Come and join me!

Don’t forget to register here: https://wpfeedback.co/summit

(2) Grab some useful tips, connect with other designers, web builders, agency owners, and marketers like you on the live chat. I’ll be there and I’ll be looking for your name in the comments! See you in the networking lounge! https://wpfeedback.co/summit

(3) Have you ever thought about {YOUR SUBJECT} and what it can do for your business? I’ll be hosting a networking hour tomorrow discussing this, come and join me!

Quick, get your free pass here https://wpfeedback.co/summit



(1) Nothing inspires me more than fresh ideas. Come on in and meet a few of the amazing WordPress experts: https://wpfeedback.co/summit Don’t forget to sign up now for a free pass!

And join me here today at {YOUR TIME} >> https://my.wpfeedback.co/summit/networking-lounge/

(2) Please join me today at Atarim’s Virtual Summit! We’re talking about {INSERT TOPIC HERE} and what makes it so valuable as we do our best to live through these difficult times.




(1) I am going live in the Atarim Virtual Lounge in 1 hour! Make sure to come and check it out, have a chat with me and other attendees about {TOPIC}, you don’t wanna miss this.


(2) Have you ever thought about {INSERT TOPIC HERE}? Wanna come and have a chat with me about it? I’m going live in 1 hour in the Atarim Summit Networking Lounge!

Join me here: https://my.wpfeedback.co/summit/networking-lounge/



(1) WE ARE A GO. Join me right here, right now: https://my.wpfeedback.co/summit/networking-lounge/

(2) I am now live in the networking lounge at the Atarim Virtual Summit, come and join me to discuss {TOPIC} >> https://my.wpfeedback.co/summit/networking-lounge/


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