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The task center is where you will see all of the tasks that have been created on your website! This should be the first screen you visit when logging in to your client’s website.

To access it, click on Atarim on the WordPress admin sidebar.

Let’s look at each column one by one:

Filter Tasks:

Here you can filter the tasks you want to see.

For example, let’s say I only want to see tasks that are critical because my client is having some problems, tick on critical and boom, we can see each task that has been marked as critical.

Let’s go a step further and check only tasks that are open, and that have been created by our client AND that are critical…boom.

The filters make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for and allows you to really fit Atarim into your workflow.

Tasks Found:

Self explanatory, in this column we can see all of the tasks found. If there are no filters chosen it will show all tasks in order of creation.

We can click a task to open it in the task view and hover over this nifty little arrow which shows you a summary of the status and urgency of the task.

If you’d like to have the summary view on without having to hover, check this box here.

We can also create general tasks by clicking on this button.

Task View:

In the third column we can see the task that has been selected.

On the top here is the number of the task, the title (which we can change by clicking this icon here) and who created this task along with the date and time it was created.

The title is the first comment that was created in this task by default. We advise editing this if you’d like to make it clearer for future reference.

Below this section we have two tabs, one for the comments that have been made inside this task and the screenshot that was automatically generated when this task was created.

Below we can send messages by typing here and clicking send message.

We can upload files to this task.

And finally we can add notes to the task which will only be seen by admins.

Task Attributes:

Last but not least we have the task attribute column.

This button takes you to the task on the front-end, as I’ve previously demonstrated.

Here we can see the additional information about the task, we can change the status and the urgency of the task with these drop downs, delete the task (which we strongly advise against so you can keep records of all the communications with your clients) and we can change the assigned users here.

Quickly let’s take a look at the top bar here.

You can search for tasks in this search bar, this is based off the title.

And you can trigger the daily and weekly reports (more on this later).

Now let’s look at the general settings!

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