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Let’s checkout the task boards now, a great feature of the PRO Dashboard.

Here we can see all of the websites part of your dashboard.

If we click on one, we’ll see all tasks and by default, which current status they are set to.

This is awesome to see an overview of open tasks on a website and load up some tasks for the dev team, for example. Let’s move these 3 tasks from Open to In Progress, so that the team know that these should be worked on.

We can check what’s happening with a task by clicking on it which opens a pop-up.

Let mark this taks as Critical so that the team will give this the priority.
And this one to High and this one to Medium.

We can change this to Urgency by clicking here.

Giving you and the team a perfect picture of what needs doing.

Oh this task that was critical seems done.

Let’s drag it to completed and see that sweet green tick…boooooom

This is perfect for your project manager, or just so you can see an overview of what’s happening!

You can easily create your workflow using the Tasks Board. More on that in our Daily Routine video.

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