The Sidebar

For additional functionality and navigating between the different tasks, let’s explore the sidebar. By default on our sidebar, you will find the tasks that were created on this particular page, you can also navigate to tasks created on all the different pages as well as tasks that were created in the back-end. In this case there aren’t any.

To navigate between the different tasks you can simply click on it, you will be taken to the relevant task and it will open!

We can do this throughout the page to navigate and work on the different tasks as we’re completing them one by one, making a nice workflow.

Clicking on the all pages tab will show all the tasks created on this particular website. You can still navigate by clicking, for example: if we’re going to click on this one it will open the relevant page. Scroll down to where the task is and open it for us.

These are all functions and features that are specifically designed to make sure your workflow is fast and efficient!

On the sidebar, you will find additional functionality through these four icons here.

The first will let you filter the tasks in view. Let’s check to see all completed tasks on this page, we can see the in progress tasks too, as well as the pending tasks.

We can also choose to filter based on the priority. Let’s see only the critical tasks that are in progress, pending or done. To get a quick view of each one of the tasks, you can hover the right side to see a quick snapshot for each one of the tasks. We can also toggle the snapshot interview through the visibility tab.

Let’s clear the filter out before we move on to the next part.

In here, clicking on show details will give us all of the different snapshots of the different tasks as well as the tags that were created for them and some additional information if the task is a general task.

We can also control the visibility on the page itself. For example, we can hide all the tasks on the page as well as hide all the completed tasks from the page. If we want to send a snapshot of the current work being done on this website we can click on the reports tab and send a report from the last 24 hours or the last 7 days.

This will wrap up all of the tasks based on the different users that are defined in the users tab for each one of the tasks and send the relevant information only to the relevant people.

Let’s initiate a report. The report was sent and finally we can click the Atarim icon to take us to the main dashboard where we can manage all of our websites from one place. We will explore this dashboard further later on on this video series.

Lastly, just like the share function on the pop-up, we can click here to save this link to our clipboard and then paste to send the page to our client. Instead of sending a specific task, this will just send the single page. You can also remove the login query string from here to not enable the login pop-up, awesome right?

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