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Atarim is translated into 10 languages currently:

We have Brazilian, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch, Italian, Czech and Austrian.

If you notice an issue in the translation for any of these languages, we have created a website called where you can fix it.

The first step is to request a login from us letting us know which language there is a mistake.

Once logged in, you will see two options:

Translate the plugin

Translate our email templates.

Let’s checkout how to translate the plugin. First we click here.

You’ll see each language, let’s choose Swedish for this example.

We’ve noticed that the phrase “add comment” is not correct. Let’s search for it here in the filter.

The translation can then be changed in this box. We click sync and boom.

This will not fix it straight away but it will fix it for us when we release another update. Each updated file is included in every new update that comes after it.

Next, let’s take a look at translating the emails.

For this we are using the graphic feedback tool.

Let’s check out the Weekly Tasks Summary. Here we can see an image of the email with tasks that have been created to gather the translations.

Clicking on this title here, we can see that to add the translation we have to do it in this format with the language.

This will automatically add it to the file as a translation for us and is released in the same way the plugin translations are; with every update.

You can also let us know of any issues with languages, and we will be happy to do this ourselves!

And my last point, if you’d like to translate the plugin into a different language we don’t have yet, let us know at [email protected].co and we can have a chat about it.

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