What to do about syncing tasks when a website is pushed from staging to live

Developing and designing a website on a staging website, then pushing to a live site is the usual way of doing things when it comes to a web project!
So what do you do with Atarim when you push a staging to live?

First of all, you’ve installed and validated Atarim on the staging website, this is taking up a slot on your license too.

Assuming that your staging domain is different from the live domain, the live domain has not been validated on the license.
This results in the live website not being synced with your dashboard too.

So, how do we fix this?

  • On the live website, go to the “Permissions” tab in the Atarim settings, enter in your license and validate it again by saving the changes.
    screenshot demo.wpfeedback.co 2020.06.12 11 32 45



  • What if you don’t have any more slots on your domain?
    • You need to go to your account here: https://wpfeedback.co/my-account/
    • Then you need to click “Manage Sites” on your license
      screenshot wpfeedback.co 2020.06.12 11 40 17
    • Now you need to deactivate the staging website from your license to free up a slot
      screenshot wpfeedback.co 2020.06.12 11 42 39
    • Now you have a free slot to activate your license on the live domain
  • The last step is to re-sync the live website with your PRO Dashboard.
  • Go to the settings of the website and click the button to re-sync.
    screenshot demo.wpfeedback.co 2020.06.12 11 48 55
  • Login to https://app.wpfeedback.co/ and you should see the website on your dashboard.


If after doing this, you still do not see the website on your dashboard, please get in contact at [email protected] so we can take a look and get you sorted.


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